Snuggly Kittens

Is it possible to get any cuter than this?  I think not!

Kitten For Breakfast

Start your day right with a nice bowl of kitten...

Kittens Inspired By KITTENS!!!

With almost 7 million views on Youtube this has to be one of the best of the best... Here is the viral video classic, KITTENS.... Inspired by.... KITTENS!!!!!

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Nooken for nub!

Merry Christmas From Funny Cats

Hope u get JUST what you want for Christmas! 

Funny Cats 200th Post

What better way to celebrate then with a kitty faceplant?! Whether you are here for the funny cat pictures or videos you came to the right place! Take your time and explore all that Funny Cats has to offer! Happy hunting!!!

Roomba Cat

Watch out kitties this one has some naughty language in it... Don't say you weren't warned... None the less this is a pretty hilarious cat video!

Merry Christmas From Funny Cats!

Happy Holidays from all of our kitties!

An Unlikely Pair

 I guess when it gets cold what else are you gonna do but snuggle?

Sleepy Cat

 Tired Kitty Is Tired... 

Cat Stole The Milk

And that cow is pissed!

Swimming Cat

Swimming Cat is NOT Happy!!

Cat Says Nom Nom Nom

I guess this kitty just found its favorite food! Who knew that cats liked sour cream? MMmmm Nom NOM NOM!!!

This Is MY Ride!

I guess some cats are just lovers, not fighters...

Kitty Likes Warmth

Kittens get cold too ya know!

Puma Cat

I bet this kitty is sitting big collecting those royalty checks!

Birthday Cat Is Not Happy

I guess this cat didn't get what he wanted for their birthday...

Atheist Cat

Smart kitty...

Acrobatic Cat

Just practicing up for the kitty Olympics I guess!

Cat Trying To Ice Fish

This silly cat just can't quite figure out the whole ice thing...

Cat Watching Boxing On TV

Does this prove that cats can learn stuff from television... I'd like to think so... This cat might just have a future in the ring!

Cutest Kitten Ever?!

Surprise!!!! Kitty is excited!!!

Cat Uses Slide As Treadmill

Well this is one way to take the cat for a walk without using up too much energy... Who needs a treadmill?!

1 Woman, 130 Cats

Nina Kostovan lives in Siberia,Russia. Nina takes care of 130 cats in an apartment! And yep you guessed it, they are all strays!

1 minute 12 seconds

Cat Vs. Cop

Well this cop passed the kitten test, which is without a doubt one of the most challenging on your way to becoming a cop...

Cat Has A Weird Way Of Going Down Stairs

I guess this cat must not get a lot of petting... It has developed its own solution to that problem!

Even Cats Can Play Tricks

Poor kid won't even know who wrote on her.


Did I scare ya? No! Darn...

Yummy Yummy!

That was quite scrumptus : )

Just Working Out... What Are You Doin?

This cat is gonna be buff!

I'm Scared...

Those cats look serious!
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