Kitten Up For Adoption

You know you want one... Even though you already have 11...


The Ninja Cat

I have been trained in the art of kitty-fu... You had better watch yourself fool!

O Great And Mighty Tomatoe

Please I need complete silence while meditating...

Baseball Kitten

Ever seen a ball of cuteness coming at you at 90 miles an hour? I thought not...

This Is How It All Starts...

How can you say no to those kitten's eyes? 

Like A Speeding Bullet!

Fur ball dead ahead and closing FAST sir, what should we do?

A Nice Comfy Bed

Poor dog used to own this house till the kittens came to town!

Cat Tat

Here's looking at you kid!
I'm not sure if that is funny or just plain gross?

The Static Cat Vs. Balloon

Poor kitty can't seem to get rid of this pesky balloon...

I Think I Look Good In Red

This cat is not amused... 

Taco Cat

Makes me hungry just looking at it...

Cat Loves To Use Electric Toothbrush

Only in Japan would something like this happen... Wait no... There are cat freaks ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA~~~!!!!!!

Gone To The Dark Side

Since the destruction of the Death Star Darth has never been the same... Poor guy has lost it...

Bad Hair Day

Kinda reminds me of Yoda for some reason...

Funny Cats Video Compilation

Get ready for 4 minutes of your life you will never get back... Trust me... It's worth it, these kittens are hilarious!

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