Walking On Water

Jesus ain't got nothing on this cat!

All Tuckered Out...

Bird Wannabes

Heavy Metal Kittens

Nothing... And I mean NOTHING is cuter than kittens set to heavy metal...

Cat With Attitude!

Listen to your mother says the dog!

Adorable Cat

Well let me tell you what I think...

Cat Scares Bear

Little fluffy is pretty vicious!

Raccoon Cat

Kinda reminds me of Zorro for some reason...


Lol watch em run!! 26 seconds

Kitten Kicking It

Sometimes I wonder if they have two brains one that controls their front feet and on for their back feet! Silly cat!

Disappointed Cat

Poor cat didn't get what he wanted! 25 seconds

But He's My Friend

A very strange friendship...

I Love You Man...

I forgive you for stealing that mouse... Next time we will share...

Time To Relax

I don't know... It looks like this cat could use a bit of exercise!

Town Meeting

Why is this always held at the crazy cat ladies house?

Nappin In The Sink

I don't know what it is with cats and sinks, but they just love em!

Kiss And Make Up

I didn't mean to steal your kitty crack...

Cat Vs. Printer

First the kitty gives this printer the evil eyed stare down then it starts dropping the bombs!!!! Poor printer!

Listen To Me!

Halloween Cats

Which one is your favorite kitty costume?

Cat High Five


Cat Taking A Shower

Anyone that owns a cat knows that most of them HATE the water... Well apparently there are some exceptions to the rule! This cat is loving it!

Sleeping Kittens

They must have partied a little too hard last night... You know how crazy kittens can get : )

Jump Gone Wrong

37 seconds
Silly cat...

Oops... I Fell In!

Poor kitty is all wet.

Help I'm Stuck!

Silly cat...

The Kitty Slap Part II

The cat may look like it has the upper hand, but I am going with the Pomeranian... They are viciously cute!
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