Why God, Why!!! Did you have to take away the Catnip? Strangely enough it reminds me a lot of this pic!

Use The Force!

Poor cat, that is just mean!

Playful Kittens

1 minute 28 seconds

Kitten Just Resting

Now what are the chances of a bunny and a kitty making friends?

Pile Of Cuteness

Is there anything better than a pile of kittens?

Don't Fall In

I guess this kitten was a bit young to be potty trained?

Kittens Attack!!!

What I want to know is what's in the box catnip? That's is my guess... It's just like Kitty crack :~)

What Kitten?

Poor kitty, what did he do to deserve this?

Evil Cat

I don't know about u, but I wouldn't mess with this cat!

Nora The Piano Cat

This cat could be better than I'am?

Cat's Bitter Disappointment

I guess this cat must have been awfully hungry to be this upset about not catching that poor pigeon!

Playful Kittens Realize Something Is Wrong

Cute at first but then there is a little surprise at the end?..

39 seconds


This cat is officially ready for the military!

Kitty Karate Chop

Don't mess with this cat! He has a serious mean streak!

Cat And Mice

Goes to prove that not all cats want to eat mice!

Karate Cat

The hotel in space allows pets apparently...

Cat In The Shower

This poor cat is devastated!!! Just look at that face!

Cat In Cast

Awwww.... Poor kitty cat!!!

Cat Man Do

Lol typical cat for sure... It's always me, me, me :)

Can You Get Any Cuter Than This Kitten?

It would be tough, but here at Funny Cats we are trying everyday!

Mirror,Shoes and a Cute Kitten

1 minute 14 seconds

Funniest Cat Video In The World

I don't know what more I can say about this cat video.... enjoy this classic!

Lazy Cat On The Treadmill

One of the laziest cat's I've ever seen.

1 minute 2 seconds

Fear And Loathing Cats

I am sure Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro can appreciate these funny cats!

Dreaming Away...

Kid plus Cat.

Ninja Kitten Vs. Baby

This picture's cuteness factor... 10!!! What do you think?

Cat On The Internet

Never have truer words been spoken : )

Why Me?

Havn't I been through enough...

Tiny Little Kitty

Looks more like an overground rat then a kitten!

The Cat Defies Logic

What was your argument anyways?

Scoping Out a Fish Bowl

Cross eyed kitty

I'd be scared too!

Rock on Kitty

Personal Hygiene is Important

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