Kitty Hug

One of the most adorable cat pictures I have ever seen : )

Best Cat In The World

The best cat in the world is without a doubt one that can get you a beer!

Cat Bowling

Strike!!! Who knew... boy these cats are talented these days...

Cat Catches Bat In Mid Air

Watch as this amazing kitty snatches a live bat right out of the air! Ninja kitty!!!

Scaredy Cat And Human

I guess its something about the Hula dancer that set the cat off!

End Of The Innocents

When you were going to figure it out sometime...

The Purfect Scratching Post

Dog are good for something right? : )

You've Got Mail

Surprise! You've got kitty mail!

Cats Need Stuffed Animals Too

Poor kitty was scared of the dark : )

Keyboard Cat

A viral video sensation the Keyboard Cat currently has over a million views on Youtube... I hadn't seen it before though... Hilarious! What a talented kitty!

Foil Heads

This particular cat is not amused...

Kitten Flying Attack

This kitten has gone Matrix on us all!

The Jesus Cat

That's right it isn't just Jesus that can walk on water!! Behold the Jesus Cat that walks on water!

Shaved Pussy

That's it... this cat is not partying with you guys EVER again!

Godzilla Vs. Cat

Who will win this epic battle? Kitty or monster?

Naughty Cat

Those cats are always up to no good aren't they?

Kitty Attack

This kitten looks truly terrified!

Best Cat Video

Ok this next one has to be one of the best cat videos on the internet. With over 9 million view on Youtube it's gotta be good! Just get past the beginning and enjoy these funny cats!

Bailing Out

Ooes noes kitty can't swiim : )

Wack A Kitty

Quite possible the cutest kitten video on the internet... but then again I might just be a sucker for cute kittens : )

Lazy Cat Giving Out Orders

This has to be one of the fattest cats I have ever seen!

Yoga Cat

Cat have to relax too ya know!!!

Guitar Kitten

I get the feeling that this cat doesn't enjoy the music as much as the scratching...

The Coolest Cat Around

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