Cutest Kitten Ever?!

Surprise!!!! Kitty is excited!!!

Cat Uses Slide As Treadmill

Well this is one way to take the cat for a walk without using up too much energy... Who needs a treadmill?!

1 Woman, 130 Cats

Nina Kostovan lives in Siberia,Russia. Nina takes care of 130 cats in an apartment! And yep you guessed it, they are all strays!

1 minute 12 seconds

Cat Vs. Cop

Well this cop passed the kitten test, which is without a doubt one of the most challenging on your way to becoming a cop...

Cat Has A Weird Way Of Going Down Stairs

I guess this cat must not get a lot of petting... It has developed its own solution to that problem!

Even Cats Can Play Tricks

Poor kid won't even know who wrote on her.


Did I scare ya? No! Darn...

Yummy Yummy!

That was quite scrumptus : )

Just Working Out... What Are You Doin?

This cat is gonna be buff!

I'm Scared...

Those cats look serious!
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