Happy Halloween From Funny Cats

Cutest costume ever! The cat even seems to like it!

The Perfect Scratching Post

Can I get an awww....

Mean Kitty!

I have ran into plenty of cats like this one! They are vicious!

Kitty Loves Their Food!

This little kitten actually says yum while it is eating! Cutest thing ever!

I didn't know cats were religious?

I guess you learn something new everyday.

Three Cats One Steak

Poor kitties need to learn how to share!!

Ninja Cat!

You can tell something is very wrong, one of these cats is about to put the smack down...

Cat Vs. Dog

That dog looks pretty vicious... But I am going with the cat!

Fastest Than A Speeding Bullet!

It's like this cat is flying through the air!

Scared Siamese Kitty

Cute cat is scared of that little stuffed animal!
1 minute 20 seconds

One Bad Kitty!

I wonder if he knows how to use that gun?!

Black Cats

Can you spot the real kitty?

World's Smallest Man

Proof that everybody loves cats! This man only stood 30" tall if you can believe it!

Cat's Eyes

Poor cat saw something he shouldn't have...
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